The City of Bath, UK is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever experienced.

Foggy street, Bath, England by Bill Stormont, This is the exact spot Lorna had her sketch Portrait done.

City of Bath - UK

Day 4 - London - Roman Baths City of Bath, England. Bath is amazing.

Night Winter Street Scene in Bath

Night Winter Street Scene in Bath, Somerset, England

Night Winter Street Scene in Bath, Somerset, England by Tim Kahane

Roman Baths in the UK. Been here...and touched the water despite better judgement. Still an amazing place to be. :)


The Roman Baths in Bath, England. I saw wooden cogs that still function to move this water. We can't keep a road in one piece for more than a year.but what the Romans built has been working for centuries!

Vaulted Ceiling of Bath Abbey, England When going to historic cities like Bath it's always best to go by steam train

Fan vaulted high ceiling located over the nave at Bath abbey in England it is a Victorian restoration. Fan vault is a gothic style term. The structure is made out bath stone. The ribs are all curved and spaced out equally, resembling the shape of a fan.

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