Inspiration and references (Part 2: Comedy)

Best of allo allo's "Good Moaning" Officer Crabtree.

Inspiration and references (Part 3: Music)

The Third Man.Opening credits and theme tune. A great film, but also included as my father introduced the director, Carol Reed, to Anton Karas, the zither player in Vienna in early

Questions… and answers.

On Novemeber for one night only The Fitzroy was the most jumping sub in the whole of London town. no, the UK. no, THE WORLD! The Underbelly rocked with the vibrations of Green Rock River Band's doom folk sound!

Lights.. Camera.. Campaign! Part 2: The Day of Reckoning

Lights.. Camera.. Campaign! Part 2: The Day of Reckoning

Meet the Producers

Meet the Producers

Meet the Producers

Free sweets and self promotion!

Free sweets and self promotion!

Free sweets and self promotion!

Soap Boxes - at Sci-Fi London

Soap Boxes

Soap Boxes - at Sci-Fi London

We are almost there!

We are almost there!

The Fitzroy - Poster E: 'The Fitzroy' by Jack Candy-Kemp

Rewrite, Rinse and Repeat

Rewrite, Rinse and Repeat

Rewrite, Rinse and Repeat

Boxes so many BOXES.

Boxes so many BOXES.