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Vintage French Beds & Interiors, Plus New Slatted Bed Bases For Antique Beds, Currently In Stock.
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an assortment of wooden furniture in a room
Antique French Bedside Cabinets C 1930s
a bed frame is laying on the floor
Slatted Bed Base For Antique French Corbeille Beds Adjustable
French Corbeille Bed & Upholstered Bed Adjustable Slatted Bed Base
an iron bed frame with gold colored rails
French Antique Iron & Brass Bed
an old white painted cabinet with decorative carvings
Art Deco Antique French Bed Painted White
Small double bed, shorter length ( 6 ft )
an old metal bed frame with wooden slats on the top and bottom sides, in grass
French Antique Twin / Pair Double Beds
Pair of matching double beds, currently unrestored.