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Collection by The Glamorous Style of the 20s


Rachel Sue-A-Quan and Sarah Easson

The Glamorous Style of the 20s
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald - American novelist and wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, an icon of the - dubbed by her husband "the first American Flapper." (This isn't Zelda it's a random flapper or an actress that portrayed her in a film). Vintage Glamour, Vintage Beauty, Vintage Ladies, Style Année 20, 1920s Hair, Gatsby Hair, Photo Vintage, Tilda Swinton, 20s Fashion

Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, was an icon in the flapper movement of the 1920's; dubbed by many as the 'first american flapper.' In direct correlation to this, she became a leader of the feminist movement, fighting for the freedom of women and they're right to express themselves and enjoy their lives to the fullest. (Sarah Easson)

photo: Flapper girls dance Charleston on Chicago rooftop Roaring Flapper Girls, 1920s Flapper, Flappers 1920s, Flapper Style, 1920s Jazz, 1930s, Flapper Dresses, 1920s Style, 1920s Dress

Two young flappers taking the expression "living life on the edge" quite literally as they dance the Charleston on the roof the Shermon's Hotel in Chicago on December 11th, 1926.

Maud D’Orby, wearing Aigrette - - Photo by Jean Agelou, Paris - La Belle Epoque Vintage Glamour, Retro Vintage, Images Vintage, Mode Vintage, Looks Vintage, Vintage Love, Vintage Pictures, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Beauty

"Flapper - A somewhat foolish girl, full of wild surmises, and inclined to revolt against the precepts and admonitions of her elders” (H. L. Mecken). (Sarah Easson)

Flapper Woman Posing Hand On Hip Holding String Of Pearls Stretching Leg Checking Hosiery Seams Photographer: H. Armstrong Roberts Date Photographed: May 1927 1920 Style, Style Année 20, Flapper Style, 1920s Flapper, Flapper Fashion, Fashion 1920s, 1920s Man, Flappers 1920s, Men's Fashion

THE LOOK: Flappers were typically young, attractive ladies. They would cut their hair short, styling it in a bob or a shingle fashion, and shorten the hemlines of their dresses to their knees. To adopt more of a slightly masculine or "garçonne" look, flappers would bind their chests and wear straight, shapeless dresses. (Rachel SAQ)

outfit black girl Diane Ellis and Carole Lombard at the beach, Diane Ellis und Carole Lombard am Strand, Mode Vintage, Vintage Love, Vintage Ladies, Retro Vintage, Vintage Friends, Vintage Style, Vintage Glamour, Vintage Beauty, Poses

One of the many bold stylistic statements made by flappers was the form fitting, controversial one-piece swim suits. This was coupled with a swim cap designed to be worn best with bobbed hair. (Sarah Easson)

vintage everyday: The Top 10 Most Sarcastic Flapper Slang Words Roaring Twenties, The Twenties, Vintage Dance, Young Baby, Photo B, World War I, Dance Music, Vintage Photography, Vintage Photos

WWI Legacies: Flappers

Author Judith Mackrell explains the social movement after World War I that created flappers.Subscribe to the WSJ channel here:http://bit.ly/14Q81XyVisit the ...

Fashion – The Typical Flapper – 1922 News Headline. Vintage Love, Vintage Photos, Retro Vintage, Roaring Twenties, The Twenties, Dh Lawrence, Cotton Club, 1920s Flapper, Jazz Age

Read this #1920s headline about the typical #flapper. Taken from the Arizona Weekly on August 2nd 1922.

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THE NAME: There are many speculations on the etymology of the word "flapper". Some believe that the word originated from the sound that a flapper's galoshes would make as she walked, as she refused to buckle them up properly. Others believed that the word was of metaphorical origin, from a bird learning how to take flight, and some believed the word had originally been used to refer to a promiscuous woman. (Rachel SAQ)

With Baz Luhrmanns version of The Great Gatsby lighting up cinema screens and speakeasy-style bars popping up all over London, it seems Britain has caught fever. Our picture gallery looks back at the era of jazz, flappers and dancing til you dropped. Roaring Twenties, The Twenties, Antonio Salazar, 20s Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Fashion Stores, College Fashion, Fashion 2018, Vintage Beauty

THE ATTITUDE: Flappers had a very free-spirited attitude, defying all of the traditional Victorian expectations and roles imposed upon them. Giddy and reckless, flappers would smoke, drive cars – which would go against the feminine roles – and frequent speakeasies and jazz clubs. (Rachel SAQ)

lois long or miss jazz age was a writer for the new yorker magazine making more than most men a rarity she controlled her own finances smoked drank and slept with as many men as she preferred pseu - The world's most private search engine Belle Epoque, Average Girl, Mode Blog, 1920s Dress, Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties, The New Yorker, Photos Du, Night Life

THE REPUTATION: Perception of flappers can be categorized into two perspectives. On one hand, flappers were seen as promiscuous & immoral, typically by those of the older generation, who followed Victorian traditions of conservative dress and mannerisms. Some even believed that flappers shouldn’t have been granted the right to vote. Conversely, flappers were also perceived as an embodiment of feminism and breaking away from societal expectations of Victorian female roles. (Rachel SAQ)