WEST HAM UNITED !!!  win the World Cup for England in 1966 ( Hee-Hee, but it's true )

England's World Cup '66 win was fixed by referees, claims ex-FIFA president

B Captained England to World cup victory in played 108 games for England, captaining in and scored 2 Goals. 'Bobby' Moore was also selected in Fifa's team of the century.

West Ham United become first team to 'appear' in The Simpsons

West Ham United become first Premier League team to 'appear' in The Simpsons - even if they get colours wrong

First they get hold of the Olympic Stadium. And now West Ham United's global appeal has blossomed so much they are even getting name checks in internationally renowned TV series

West Ham United

A more modern West Ham logo, based on the traditional crossed hammers.

West Ham, Upton Park

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