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Optical illusion in advertising. Billboard ad for a Berger paint company, pitching “Natural Finish Colours”.

Creative billboard advertisements - Telegraph

Creative billboard advertisements

You don't have to stay "inside the lines" when it comes to billboard design, as this Pedigree outdoor ad illustrates.

A funny Pedigree dog food billboard advertisement on the side of a building in this humorous pet picture and canine comedy photo.

This simple yet ingenious design comes from UK-based creative advertising and brand management agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. The 'less is more' idea features a giant lightbulb popping out of the centre of a red background, the only words reading 'The Economist'.

40 must-see examples of billboard advertising

UK-based creative agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO was the brains behind this ingenious light bulb billboard design.

Mídia Exterior - Real HipHop  Creative Billboard Advertising

Designing with Humor: 50 Hilarious Advertising Designs To Teach You How – Design School


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Dramatic billboard  Advertising billboard/installation for Air New Zealand.

Does Air New Zealand deal with kayaking? Like you get big air or is it flying to New Zealand

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