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Luckily I haven't had to deal with this for awhile.


Where Baby Carrots Come From.saved it to my garden tips in case i fogot.too funny!

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All puppies are cute, and baby pugs are no different. Don’t you just want to kiss this little black pug puppy, and snuggle with him? He is super cutes, and


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Harry Potter

hahahahahaha oh lord i need to use this one day Richardson


Funny Friday: CHRISTMAS!!

Have you been working out this winter? Carl has! Don't let the holiday break slow down your workouts.

The touch

Lift pressing the button Michelangelo The Creation of Adam ///Plastic Surgery Clinic Be Born Again Top 27 Creative Elevator Advertisements

“We will spend three-to-four years with our thumbs on our cell phones,” he shared with me during our interview.

And this is so TRUE! why worry about a zombi apocalypse when you are already a zombie?

This one made me laugh extra hard cuz my first thought was oh what cute dog bone paper clips!

This one made me laugh extra hard cuz my first thought was "oh what cute dog bone paper clips!little did i realize they were dog 'bone' paperclips.

Theater heist

Funny pictures about Movie theater theft. Oh, and cool pics about Movie theater theft. Also, Movie theater theft.

I love Joey

I love Joey