Bewitched was an American television series that ran from 1964 to The premise was that a witch (Samantha Stephens) married an advertising executive (Darrin Stephens), Samantha’s mother Endora!

Popular: Mr Blobby with Noel Edmonds on Noel's House Party, which was axed by the BBC in 1999. So wrong in so many different ways

Pictured: The abandoned ruins of Mr Blobby theme park after ravers trash site

Mr Blobby always scared the crap outta my brother. I remember they opened up a Blobbyland in England somewhere but I never got to it :(

crossroads cast 1970 - Mum watched this while my brother and I ate our tea.

the original and supreme soap queen.

budgie tv series I loved Adam Faith.

Dennis Waterman (as Terry McCann), and George Cole (as Arthur Daley) in 'Minder'

George Cole – a career in pictures

minder,,, wednesday eve tv vivid reminder of middle of school week hated both (only to love Dennis later on in life .

The How? team of presenters : Jack Hargreaves, Bunty James, Jon Miller, Fred Dinenage.

Jack Hargreaves was all things rural, Bunty James crafts and food, bottom left Jon Miller was the science boffin, and Fred Dineage did wacky and weird stuff. It was a very good informative kids prog making learning fun!

“ Diana Rigg ”

The Delightful Emma Peel (Diana Rigg)

Michael Bentine's Potty Time (1973-1980):

Michael Bentine's Potty Time Found this incredibly funny as a child. Still remember the story of the ghostly nun jumping out the window.

Yorkshire-born Diana Rigg attended RADA (with Glenda Jackson and Sian Phillips), before taking a series of stage roles in the early 1960s with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 1965 she was cast by ABC-TV as Emma Peel in 'The Avengers' and became a nationally-recognised if somewhat reluctant celebrity. She was seen more recently in 'Game of Thrones' !

emma peel (diana rigg) Chapeau Melon et bottes de cuir (The Avengers)

BBC Pebble Mill At One Opening Titles, 1979

Pebble Mill was the BBC's old studio and TV centre headquarters in Birmingham. As well as producing regional output for the midlands, Pebble Mill was home to.

Dick Turpin. Used to watch this series, may buy if I can get it.

Richard O'Sullivan as Dick Turpin - my first TV crush, I was 7 or 8 :-)

Goldfinger (1964) Original Linen-Backed One-Sheet Movie Poster

Goldfinger (1964)

007 contra Goldfinger – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Carry on Screaming (1966)..the best one

Carry On Screaming, 1966

Barry Lyndon • Stanley Kubrick 1975

Barry Lyndon • Stanley Kubrick 1975

Fanny and Johnny Craddock, early British TV cooks

Fanny and Johnny Craddock, early British TV cooks