10 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Messing Up Your Life

You’ve just had an amazing idea inspired by something you’ve just seen and you go to tell your mum and dad, your brother, sister, close friends or even your dog about it. What do they tend to say??  That won’t work. Why do you want to do that? Have you gone crazy. Ahhh sounds good. Or you probably just get a blank stare or maybe even a woof if its your dog.

10 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Messing Up Your Life

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One Life Live it

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My Parents Work from Home Honestly it’s one of the best feelings in the world knowing that your parents are always there to do stuff for you. I can’t recall a school event they missed. Whereas other people’s parents wouldn’t be available to come. Just imagine the impact you could have on your child’s life …

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Recently I have come out of a long term relationship. As I'm sure many of you have experienced it isn't the best feeling in the world when you lose someone you have spent a lot of your time with.

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