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a woman standing in front of a ferris wheel
Sara Lopez Gives you 5 Tips That Will Make You A Good Photographer #VantagePoint
a man pushing a shopping cart down the street with people standing around him and looking at it
Moving target
Dave Dwyer Photography
a lightning bolt is seen in the sky above a city
Technical advances in photography
Jim Martin Photography
a brown and white bird flying in the sky with it's wings spread wide
Nature’s Studio
an old stone bridge over a rocky river
Photography by Greete
a person walking down an alley way with a scooter
The importance of the moment #VantagePoint
Photography by David Cucalon
the water is green and blue in this canyon
Take a peek at Riyadh’s New Tourism Gem: The Hidden Canyon #VantagePoint
Stories of The Wandering Feet & Mind
a large group of white birds floating on top of a lake next to each other
Getting the Shot
Jo West Images
a black and white photo of a waterfall in the rocks with water running down it
Casual Opportunities for Interesting Images #VantagePoint
Mel Mann Photography
an old tree that is growing on the side of a hill with stars in the sky
(no title)
Ken Lee Photography
a man sitting on top of a mountain looking down at the valley and mountains in the distance
Tranquility And Changing Seasons At Lugnaquilla
Phillip J Wells Photography
the sky is reflected in the water at sunset
The Magic of a Beautiful Sunrise
GDR Photography
a body of water with palm trees in the background and a house on an island
Private Site
Nila Sivatheesan
a bird sitting on top of a nest covered in snow
My Favorite Place!
Gerry Johnson Photography
a black and white photo of trees with a surfboard in the background
Vantage Point - Why size matters to get the shot. Smaller is better.
Per Zennstrom Photography