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Celestial map from 1825, showing the constellations Draco (as a dragon) and Ursa Minor (as a little bear) based on ancient Greek mythology.

The illustrated card for Draco the Dragon and Ursa Minor from the "Urania’s Mirror" collection of 32 constellation cards, published in London in 1825

From the "Anatomie des Vanités" exhibit at the Erasmus House in Brussels, Belgium. "Venus," medical mannequin.

/ Venus-ouverte - From the “Anatomie des Vanités” exhibit at the Erasmus House in Brussels, Belgium. (via astropop) I don’t see anatomical dolls of men as often in these galleries. Is it because male dolls weren’t made as often, or because we as

Medical and Anatomy Related

Channel some mad science in your Halloween decor with this collection of fascinating, sometimes beautiful, and just a little creepy vintage medical images!

Chinese medical poster

© US National Library of Medicine Chinese “Understanding the human body” Public Health Posters

Gingerbread Man Dissected by Jason Freeny. Learning about anatomy/figure drawing. Pick your favorite cartoon/character and draw what his skeleton would look like.

“Gingerbread Man Dissected” by Jason Freeny, a detailed schematic showing the inner workings of a Gingerbread Man. More awesome illustrations by Jason Freeny.

Vintage Anatomy. Brains. 18x24 poster. Human Body Science.

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