Azalea Bonsai Tree at US National Arboretum Washington, DC

Azalea Bonsai Tree at US National Arboretum Washington, DC,I love this tree. how beautiful would it look a centpeice in a small quart yard garden

pen and ink illustrations – Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth was one of art history’s masters of the medium of PEN and INK. Booth grew up on a farm in Indiana in the late Innocently misunderstanding the printing technology of the time, he developed his style by copying what he thought wer

Bonsai maybe one of mine will look like this.... then again, maybe not.... I really need to take a class.

Bonsai oh yeah this is one plant i can kill faster than jack the ripper. love the plant but it hates me!


This bonsai would be a lifetime project, but what a beauty! #bonsai #gardening

"I can just imagine the time and patience this beautiful bonsai must taken. It is truly lovely.

I love Bonsai trees

I used to hike out into the woods and find small trees and transplant them and wire them and so on to try grow my own bonsai. I never had the patience and ended up killing the poor trees. some day though.

Nature Art Bonsai Tree

Sargent Juniper - a 250 yr old bonsai featured in Book: Fine Bonsai (Abbeville Press); photo: Jonathan M Singer.