New York City

63 Washington St Brooklyn, NY 11201 New York City what to be on this street and see the bridge** go a few blocks over and you can see the Brooklyn Bridge from the same angle. Also check out: Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 or 1 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201

New York City, 1952

New York City in promotion for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' new picture, Sailor Beware, 1952

Brick Lane cafe owner. East London England. 1974. Photographer: Homer Sykes. Another from the Spitalfields blog. Terrific stuff.

Brick Lane cafe owner, East London, England by Homer Sykes, 1974 Look at the prices!

Workers atop the Woolworth Building, New York, 1926.  This messes with my head eh, I almost get dizzy just looking at them.

Working at high altitudes, Woolworth Building, New York, 1926 Back in Time I love pics like this.Amazes me

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