80's tv shows | Knight Rider Television...I am totally embarrassed to admit that when I was a kid, I had a crush on David Hasselhoff. Yikes...

Knight Rider TV show featuring a talking car called KITT and the Hoff. David Hasselhoff that is!

brownie guide book

Brownie Guide Handbook - Late early Many good memories of being in the brownies. I was a Sprite!


Parachuter Assorted Color Vintage Toy

Parachute with soldier. You tucked the soldier inside the plastic chute. Then you threw the thing up as far as you could and he& parachut back to you. It got old after thirty seconds.


Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley -- Happy Days Hey everyone, Finally a solution that works! I saw this new weight loss product on TV and I have lost 26 pounds so far.

70's toys and games - Google Search

Loved this game - Lost more tiny white and black pegs by dropping them into the Shag Carpet Black Hole. Also a big fan of the cover. "I don't always play board games.but when I do, I play Master Mind.

Ponytail holders

Shop Ball Ponytail Holders / Hair Bobbles - Pack of Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of or more.

Pom pom socks

pom pom socks -- I could never keep a pair of these intact! For some reason I always ripped the pom pom off one of the socks EVERY time!

Ladybird books - Princess and the Pea.

The Princess and the Pea Ladybird Book - yep, only a princess could be so rude; brought in from the rain, given a hot meal, dry clothes and a bed for the night, all she did was complain the next morning.who wouldn't want to marry this prize?

Pacers (1976) When Mars punted out a mint variant of their counter-conquering blocks of citrus paste, tolerant half-smiles were the order of the day, but a simple change of name took Opal Mints out from the shadows of their mouth-watering forebears. A sporty theme and the addition in 1980 of green go-faster stripes to the basic white slab more than made up for the disappointingly weak, almost homeopathic, minty tast

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

The letters inside Smartie lids. Apparently they don't do that any more!

The letters inside Smartie lids. They spent ages re-creating the noise the lid made when they designed the new smarties tube.

Remember the Flumps? this is Pootle on his pipe & Grandpa Flump on his flumpet jammin.

Remember the Flumps? this is Pootle on his pipe & Grandpa Flump on his flumpet jammin. I loved the flumps.