Vintage Leather Sofa & Chairs

Give your home the gift of vintage leather for a comfy lived in feel accessorised with textured fabrics and colour. Vintage leather makes the perfect addition…
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an advertisement for a leather sofa with the text sale clearance huge reducrations on sofas
Brown Cerato Leather and Traditional Camel Wool Two Seater Chesterfield Sofa - EX-DISPLAY IMPERFECT
Fancy owning a chesterfield for a great price. Now might be your chance. This stunning piece is ex-display so there are. few minor flaws (check listing photos). But for nearly half price this is a true bargain. Limited stock so order quickly to avoid idssappointment.
an advertisement for a leather sofa with the words sale clearance on it and below it
Italian Leather Curved Deco Sofa - IMPERFECT CLEARANCE
The Italian Leather Curved Deco Sofa has a few minor imperfections so is reduced. Click through the link and see the product including the flaws which are photographed in detail. Despite the minor flaws, this is an exceptional price for a huge, stunning designer style sofa.
two brown chairs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor with the caption absolutely delightful
Brown Cerato Leather and Gamekeeper Thorn Harris Tweed Wing Wrap Armchair
Check out our fabulous customer reviews. Our fabulous leather and tweed armchairs make a wonderful and classic addition to any living room.
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