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an open black cardboard box with white paper on the front and sides, revealing space for text
FlyPak | E-commerce Packaging Innovation - TPC
there is a cardboard box that has three different types of boxes in it, including one for each individual
FlyPak | E-commerce Packaging Innovation - TPC
two rolls of white and pink tape with cartoon characters printed on them, one roll has an adhesive sticker attached to it
Image contains a selection of photos of Custom Packing Tape produced for Drinks Brands VRUM Pop
an open pink box with the words three on it
Branded mobile phone packaging innovation
Using FlyPak®, this unboxing experience created for Three Mobile UK uses colour and die cut logo to create a uniquely engaging brand reveal.
two open boxes sitting next to each other
Beautiful Unboxing E-commerce Online Business
This example of the FlyPak® Ecommerce Packaging Box offers a multi-layered yet frustration free unboxing experience. Benefits include built in retention "wings" that reduce void fill whilst offering unique branding opportunities and consistent unboxnig presentation for a high degree of unboxing theatre and customer engagement. FlyPak® combines secure product shipping with an engaging unboxing experience. It enhances customer interaction and elevates brand perception.
a hand is holding several cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other
FlyPak - Unique Ecommerce Packaging
This truly unique ecommerce box has been specifically designed to address internet retailers' most common packaging pain points.