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Grazing boards are both delicious and beautiful to look at.
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Christmas Pork Pie Grazing Board
The best Christmas Grazing board must have cheese, meats, crackers or something crunchy, pickles such as pickled onions as well as red cabbage, beetroot or chutney. It is good to include something sweet, here I have choosen a mince pie, gingerbreadman buiscuit and segments of orange. The main event on my board is the Pork Pie. It is the most filling and substantial item on the board so therefore it takes centre stage. #christmasfood #grazingboard #porkpie #festivefeast
A Quick & Tasty Grazing Board
I love a Friday night film with a grazing board. This one has spicy cheese and spicy hot garlic pickle. Try it, it was delicious. Dont forget the main item, A Pork Pie. #grazingboard #mealidea #supperidea #porkpie #spicyfood
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Grazing Board Inspiration.
This grazing board inspiration feature The Pie Makers Pork Pie but you could switch this with something else such as Sausage Roll. Meats, cheeses, salad, savoury crackers with relish chutney or dips make these grazing boards full of flavour.
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A Pork Pie Grazing Board
Grazing boards are very popular. Who doesn't love a board or tray full of all their favourite things. Pork Pie, Cheese, Grapes, Crackers and Cherry Tomatoes am a classic combination.
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A Simple Grazing Board.
Grab a good size board, place in position as these are heavy to move once loaded with food. Start with your key main food items, for example, a Pork Pie made from The Pie Makers. Fill the board with all your favourite things with selctions of breads, savoury items, salad, chutneys and grapes. Try to balance out the board so there is an evan spread of food items. Make sure there is no space on the board, plug gaps with small items. Stand back take a photo then dive in. #grazingboard #platter
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Grazing Board Idea
A grazing board idea that you can SAVE and copy this weekend. Top Tip: Order your Pork Pies from The Pie Makers. 😀 #porkpie #grazingboard #grazingboardideas
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