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Pastry design, art and fun. From our own creations to some super amazing pastry cutting art. Great pies need great pastry.
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Halloween Pie Pastry Design
Look at these spooky little Pork Pie creations. Easy to do. Once you have crimped your pie edge. Cut out your Halloween designs from pastry and place ontop of the meat. This gives it a contrast in colour once baked. #porkpie #pie # halloween #pastry #pastryart
Halloween Pastry Art
Our handmade pies have a spooky twist for Halloween. We love getting creative for Halloween. Pork Pies are still as tasty as always. #halloween #pastry #pastryart #halloween #halloweendecorations
Halloween Pies
Halloween is a time for a bit of bakery fun. We love getting creative with these handmade cute halloween pork pies. These spooky pies are baked fresh and will be delivered to your door just in time for your wizards and whitches to arrive to the party. #halloween #halloweenfood #halloweendecorations #halloweeenparty #pastryart #savourytreats #porkpie #handmade
I Love Pies - don't you?
Who doesn't love pies?? These letters was used to create a personal pork pie gift for one of our customers. Decorating pies with pastry letters and shapes is very therapeutic. We can put any message or phraze on the pie you like, as long as it fits of course. We need a little bit longer to prepare a personalised pork pie so make sure you get in touch 2-3 weeks ideally before the special event. #personalisedgift #personalised giftidea
A pre baked hand crimped pork pie. Crimping, Crust, Pastry, Pastry Design
The art of crimping a pork pie.
This is not as easy as it looks, to seal the pie and give it the traditional crimp look is a skill that takes practice. Every one has their own style. The Pie Makers pastry is a hot water crust pastry. #pastry #pastryart #handmade
two pictures of pie crusts on top of each other, one with an intricate design
Pie Crust Design
Pie Crust Design
a pie with letters written on it sitting on top of a white plate next to a knife and fork
My Favorite Peach Pie
peach pie.
an apple pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to two apples and a rolling pin
twelve apple pies are sitting on a baking tray
15 Inspirational Apple Pie Recipes!
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a knife and spoons
a pie with leaves on it sitting on top of a white plate
The Novel Bakers Present The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living
two different views of pies on top of each other
Pie Crust Design
a pie sitting on top of a table covered in leaves
pie crust
pie crust | The Lemon Apron
the pie is ready to be cut and put in the oven, then it has been baked
Pie Crust Design
Pie Crust Design