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Some of our delicious pies available on our on line shop for you to buy. www.thepiemakers.co.uk and some other beautiful pies and baked goods.
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Celebration Pork Pie
To create a show stopping celebration you must have irrestable, memorable food. A Large Celebration Pie catches the eye and gives that WOW you need to stop the show. Everyone will be talking about the giant pork pie, where was it from? Can they take a slice home? Will you get two next time? Your heart will be full of love for our Celebration Pork PIe. #celebrationfood #pasrtyfood #porkpie #pie
A Tempting Chicken Pie
What a tempting photo of our chicken & stuffing pie. Its is mouthwatering, flavourfull and will not dissapoint. So give in to your temptations. #chickenpie #pie #handmadefood
Pork & Black Pudding Pie
These food ingredients are best mates. Go together like carrots and peas. Pork & Black Pudding is a food combination made in heaven. Have you tried our Pork & Black Pudding Pie? If not give them a try you will not be dissappointed. #pork #pie #blackpudding #pastry
Family Lunch with a Pork Pie
Food can bring family together, fill our bellys and help create lasting memories. Let us help you create some memories with our Pork Loaf Pie. #lunch #familylunch #porkpie
A Comforting Chicken Pie
There is nothing better than a chicken pie to comfort you on cold wet rainy days. Our Chicken Pie has stuffing for an extra flavour boost. So mouthwatering, with crumbly golden pastry. #chickenpie #meatpie #comfortfood
Autumn Vibes Packaging
Throughout the Autumn Months all our online Pie Collections are packaged with Autumn vibes. #autumn #porkpie #autumndecorations #packaging #foodpackaging
Pork & Black Pudding Box
Two Pork Pies, Two Pork & Black Pudding Pies and a bag of Pork Scratchings. Handmade in The Black Country. Delivered direct to you. #porkpie #giftidea #blackpudding
Handmade Pork Pie
Enjoy the last of the sunshine and your garden with a cup of tea and a pork pie. Delightful. #porkpie #alfresco #picnic # gardenpartyfood
Pork Pie With A View
Did you know a Pork Pie makes the perfect snack for hiking? Full of energy and delicious. #porkpie #snackidea #lunchidea #lunchbox #hiking
The Pie Makers - What We Do.
We have a passion for pies. Our pies are handmade, baked to order and delivered fresh to you. We love to make personalised pork pies for your celebrations. Our latest edition to our collection is our handmade sausage rolls. Do you have a passion for pies? #porkpie #pies #homedelivery #handmade #sausagerolls #celebrationfood #giftidea
Quick & Easy Hot Garlic Veg & Pork Pie Lunch
This is my new fave lunch. 10 minutes in the airfryer, so quick and easy. This garlc veg is delicious with a wedge or two of pork pie. You can change up the veg if you like but this classic combo of courgette, peppers, red onion, carrot and cherry tomatoes works well with the hot Garlic Pickle. This pickle is from The Garlc Farm and it is amazing. I use this a lot in many ways. This recipe along with a pork pie is a great lunch or supper. #mealidea #autumnfood #garlic #airfryer #pie
Autumn Pies
A Slice of Autumn: Unveiling Our Handmade Autumn Leaves Pork Pie Box" As autumn leaves paint the landscape, we're thrilled to present our Handmade Autumn Leaves Pork Pie Box. Each of these six pork pies is a testament to the craftsmanship of our bakers, and their decorative pastry leaves add an extra touch of seasonal elegance. Embrace the spirit of fall with this culinary delight. #autumn #autumnfood #savourysnack #pie #autumnpie
Autumn Vibes with these Pork Pies
Get cozy with these Autumn Vibes Pork Pies. Hand made individual pork pies, given an autumn make over with pastry leaves. Order on line now and get cozy. #porkpie #autumnfood #autumn #fallfood #pastryart
What is a Pork Pie?
The Pie Makers Pork Pies are hand made and baked free standing. That is how we get the traditional bell shaped pie. Our hot water crust pastry is crumbly and is filled with well seasoned meat. Once baked to perfection it is filled to the brim with jelly. You may think you have tried the best pork pies on, but unles you have tried The Pie Makers Pork Pies then you haven't. Order now and you will agree. #porkpie #pie #savoury #meatpie
A Big Wedge Of Pork Pie
Simply beautiful, don't you think? Image a big slice of pork pie with a glass of beer at a family gathering. Sounds delightful. #porkpie #partyfood #meatpie #savoury