Sausage Rolls

Our hand made sausage rolls. With our well seasoned pork meat combined with delicious ingredients to create these amazing sausage rolls. Artisan sausage rolls…
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Top Tasting Sausage Rolls
This mini sausage roll is handmade. The pastry is flaky puff pastry and the filling is Pork and Black Pudding. Delicious. #sausageroll #snack #handmade #porkroll
Snack Hero - The Sausage Roll
There is only one snack hero and that is the humble sausage roll. Can be eatern in so many ways, perfect for on the go, warm, cold, out the bag, walking down the high street and on a zoom meeting with the boss. Socially accepted everywhere. Our sausage roll is also the best in flavour and its handmade, not churned out on a machine at 100 mile an hour. So you can enjoy your snack hero knowing it was made with love. ❤️ #sausageroll #snack #handmade #pastry
The ULTIMATE Sausage Roll
Handmade, flaky, porky and delicious. This is the ULTIMATE Sausage Roll. #sausageroll #flakypastry #pastry #handmade #snack #bakeryfood
Hand Made Pork Sausage Rolls.
If you havent got time to make your own sausage rolls, don't stress just have the next best thing. The Pie Makers handmade sausage rolls. #sausagerolls #handmade #porksausageroll #pastry
The Perfect Bank Holiday Sausage Rolls
Hand made sausage rolls are next level. Here is four of my favourite flavours. Chorizo, Leek & Mustard, Black Pudding and Garlic & Chilli. These are available on our online shop but FOLLOW if you would like the recipe. Pin dropping soon. #sausageroll #bankholidayfood #foodidea #snackidea
A pack of six sausage rolls Foods, Picnics, Nice, Friends, Nutrition, Cheddar
Hand Made Sausage Rolls.
We have created these amazing hand made sausgae rolls using our favourite flavours and food combinations. Ideal for picnics, tasty snacks, food on the go or to share with family and friends with a nice cup of tea. #sausagerolls #handmade #savoury
freshly baked pastries in a baking pan on a wooden table with napkins and utensils
Savory Hand Pies |
Hot and flaky, these savory hand pies are brimming with a rich, saucy filling of ground beef, diced potatoes, veggies and fresh thyme! | #savoryhandpies #savoryhandpiesrecipes #savoryhandpieseasy #savoryhandpiesmeat #savoryhandpieswithpremadepiecrust
four square pizzas with meat and cheese toppings on parchment paper next to a knife
Onion and cheese puff tarts
three pastries sitting on top of a table next to an olive sprig
Savory Hand Pies with Sausage, Apple & Sage
a plate filled with mini savory meat pies on top of a wooden table
Tilly's Pastelles - Sephardic Jewish Savory Meat Hand Pies
breads and salad in a basket on a table
Chicken picnic pie
1h 10m
several small pastries on a baking sheet
Ham Cheese & Spinach Puffs
Wow your guests for your next brunch with these ham & cheese puffs.
six puff pastry squares with poppy seed toppings on a baking sheet, ready to be baked
Cheese & Onion Rolls
Great for picnics, parties and lunchboxes! These cheddar cheese and caramelized onion puff pastry rolls are simple and delicious. Serve fresh from the oven at parties or pack them in a picnic basket in the warmer months. Perfect vegetarian alternative to sausage rolls, and a British party food classic!
3h 35m
two sausage wrapped in bread on a white plate next to a jar of ketchup
Beef And Caramelised Onion Sausage Rolls | Donna Hay