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The Republic of the Soul: Volume 3 - The Language of Emotions
Sometimes, a simple hug is a prescription for the soul. Embracing a friend or a furry pal can be a swift route to instant mood elevation! In Volume 3 of our book series, explore more profound insights into emotional wellness and discover how tiny gestures can create vast ripples in our emotional oceans. #SpreadLove #WellnessJourney #InstantJoy #NavigatingEmotions #BookLovers #AmazonBooks #ReadNow #therepublicofthesoul #emotionsjournal #controlyouremotions
Mindfulness, Adhd, Health Facts, Health And Nutrition, Health Awareness, Mental Health Treatment Planning, Brain Health, Clear Communication, Mental Wellness
How to Get Your Daily DOSE of Happiness — Mind My Peelings
a poster with different types of things to draw on the back of it, including an image of a person
Tune In To Your Emotions With These 15 Feelings Charts For Adults (Printables)
the different types of men's body shapes are shown in this chart, which shows how
Where Emotions Are Felt In the Body, According to Research
a woman holding a mirror to her face in front of many faces
Ekman’s 6 Basic Emotions and How They Affect Our Behavior
The 6 basic emotions explained by psychologist Paul Ekman help us to regulate our emotions, understand our behavior and live a better life. #emotions #emotionalhealth #emotionalintelligence #art #mentalhealthart #deepmeaningimage #conpectualart
Feelings, Self Help, Emotional Intelligence, Self Improvement Tips, Self Care Activities
Emotion wheel
an info sheet with the words, where emotions are felt in your body and how to use
How to clear emotional blocks - Self-Care Overload
a poster with different facial expressions and words on the front of it that say how do you feel today?
Feelings Faces Activity | Social Emotional Learning - Forward With Fun
Feelings Faces Activity | Social Emotional Learning | Forward With Fun