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Ahhh!!! I didn't know they made these in green!!! We have the twin bath tub to this in white!!!

Pinner wrote: This vintage bathroom reminds me of my parents' old bathroom with the sea foam green bathtub and sink. I LOVE the inclusion of that mirrored drawer though!

Top 10 reasons to drink Aloe Vera Gel

Peter Atherton's Top 10 reasons to drink Aloe Vera Gel Drinking the Gel has different effects for each person and is dependent on lifestyle also. Consistency is key when introducing anything into your routine.

Love the low lights in this!

Spring is in the HAIR Springtime is the quintessential season of renewal and that goes for our hair too. After months of wearing hats, hoods and scarves, not to mention enduring split ends, frizz and flyaways, a reboot is in order. Visit your stylist for…