Fresh as a Daisy

Pretty and fresh as a daisy, yellow can be such a soothing and refreshing colour. Whether it's actual daisies or just a pretty yellow image, this is a…
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a small white flower sitting on top of a yellow and white checkered blanket in a metal basket
Knocked Out!!!
❁ ∂αιѕу нιℓℓ ιии ❁
cupcakes with white frosting and daisies on them are next to two cups of tea
eating and drinking a large bouquet of small flowers...
love the little flowers on the cupcakes
a glass vase filled with yellow and white flowers
Discover the remarkable side of the Netherlands: unique destinations and hidden gems |
an image of a white flower that is blurry
Yellow Tulip #flowers
yellow flowers are in small glass vases on a table
yellow tulips
a white bicycle parked next to a window with flowers in the basket on the front
𝒜𝓃𝒶 ℛℴ𝓈𝒶
Ana Rosa
a yellow bicycle with white flowers in the basket
flowers in a bicycle basket
a yellow bicycle with flowers in the basket parked next to a white building and railing
The very best colour, yellow bike with beautiful flowers. What else is a bike with a basket for?!
white daisies are in a paper bag
Lovely bouquets of daisies. So fresh and pretty.
a white bowl filled with daisies sitting on top of a table
Fototermin mit Daisy
Daisy, daisy. Lovely way to display daisies
several pieces of fabric are lined up on a table with yellow polka dots and white paper
What's not to love? Yellow and bunting!
yellow and green wedding color scheme
Yellow, Mint and Grey - A Modern Easter Colour Palette |
A Modern Spring Wedding Color Palette | pale yellow, sage green, gray, duck egg blue - all bring the fun and pretty into Spring! Love the daffodils
a wreath hanging from the side of a tree with daisies in front of it
𝒜𝓃𝒶 ℛℴ𝓈𝒶
Daisy wreath in an English country garden