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A Time Laps of Crocus Flowers opening

A Time-laps video of Crocus flowers opening made with my Nikon and Windows move maker, Only a short video as this was my first try will look at making .


Holding on for what seems like dear life this tiny harvest mouse, although only a few feet off the ground, is grasped by his tail and supported by his comrades until they can’t hang on any longer. Photos taken by Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert.

Starling VS Squirrel Stand Off,

This Squirrel moved in on the Bird food and the Starling did try hard to move the squirrel off.

Parkzone Radian with video from a Mobius Camera.

Radian Glider with a Mobius camera + How I keep the wings in place and mount the camera. You can see how I use Rubber bands to keep the wings in place, 4 .

Parkzone Radian Glider with Mobius video camera

Parkzone Radian Radian Glider with a Mobius Video camera mounted on top, Not the best landing as I had to do a fast up and over to avoid some tall grass The .

Mobius Video, From a Radian RC Glider

Mobius Video, From a Radian RC Glider