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two red candles sitting on top of a cement block next to each other with blood dripping from them
@BenoitPailley shoots for @m_magazine #ikoparis #benoitpailley #photo #photographer #photography #magazine #stillilife #shooting #colour #red #nail #polish #nailpolish #chanel #yvessaintlaurent #dior #setdesign #paris
there are many different bowls and cups on the table with each one's shadow
Still by Oscar Piccolo
a small plant sitting on top of a blue table next to a green drapes
four different pictures of someone holding flowers in their hands
Flowerona Links: With blossom, ice cream & snowflakes...
three white vases with blue flowers in them
Olivia Jeczmyk | Interiors & Still Life | One Represents
Olivia Jeczmyk | Interiors Still Life | One Represents
a black and white photo of a plant in a vase
Fine Art Photography by Geoffrey Ansel Agrons
a white cloth hanging from the side of a wall next to a wooden bench in a room
Slow Collection pour le catalogue Tine K Home SS2019 - Turbulences Déco
Portrait, Photography Poses, Poses, Fotos, Mode Wanita, Photo, Photog
'Concept' by Carlota Guerrero - IGNANT
'Concept' by Carlota Guerrero - IGNANT
a woman wearing a brown shirt and tan pants with her hands on the back of her jacket
"Women Posing With Hands In Pockets" by Stocksy Contributor "Duet Postscriptum"
Women posing with hands in pockets by Duet Postscriptum for Stocksy United
a woman is standing in front of a stack of folded clothes on top of her head
25 Photoshoot Ideas to Inspire Your Next Editorial
four suitcases stacked on top of each other in front of a wall with a light above them
Maarten De Ceulaer// a Small Pile of Briefcases
many vases are lined up on a shelf
Francesco Bocchini alla Galleria DellaPina a Pietrasanta
Francesco Bocchini, La forza del loro pensiero
oooh this striped dress looks like a fairytale Vintage, Julia Jordan, Mindful Fashion, I Dress, Vetements, Refashion, Retro Fashion
My Shopping Philosophy (and Why It Sticks) - Repeller
oooh this striped dress looks like a fairytale