Craft Demonstrations by Sussex Guild Members

Videos of craft demonstrations by Sussex Guild Members showing their craft skills and techniques to produce stunning pieces of art.
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Andrew Hauge - Skilled woodworker in action!
A short video showing Guild member Andrew Hauge creating wooden legs by hand in his workshop. He is visited by a friendly fox who often plays in his garden and sits outside his workshop door! See Andrews work on our guild website.
Textile Art Work in Progress
A work in progress by textile artist Diane Rogers. Hand embroidery, punch needle embroidery and tyvek is being used to create this piece of textile art. Not yet complete but you can see how the different techniques are producing the effects of lichens, moss and stone.
a man is making pottery on a table with the words mohamid in action demonstrating his pot throwing at a sussex guld craft show
Ceramic Pot Throwing
Sussex Guild member Mohamid Hamid in action demonstrating throwing a pot on a wheel at a guild show. Mohamid makes brush-decorated, hand-thrown, stoneware pottery in the tin glazed earthenware tradition and is influenced by Islamic Art, Continental Majolica and Dutch Delftware.
Flame Worked Glass – Creating Managerie Collectables
Watch Elizabeth Welch demonstrate the processes and craft skills she uses in her flame worked glass to create her contemporary collectable menagerie of quirky glass sculptures. Elizabeth shapes the molten glass into a multitude of different creatures and shapes using gravity to make the glass flow. The video showcases Elizabeth Welch’s skill, innovation, quality of craftmanship and creativity. Birds and animals that are featured during the video include 7 of her quirky glass characters.
How to create sand and texture using free machine embroidery
Short video showing free machine embroidery on silk to create texture and sand on a piece of original textile art by Diane Rogers who is a member of the Sussex Guild. Diane creates original textile art inspired by nature and the natural environment. Hand painting,free machine / hand embroidery and quilting provide the opportunity to express an appreciation of the texture , forms and patterns in nature.
Streetwise Ceramics – Pavement Printing
Watch the creative process of using everyday pavements to create stunning ceramic designs on elliptical vases On our YouTube channel. Sussex Guild member Tessa Wolfe Murray presses slabs of soft red clay into cracks in the pavement. The dried clay slabs are fired in the kiln and become ceramic 'print tools'. They are placed on the surface of a slab of clay to pick up an imprint of the 'tool's' surface. The slabs are then formed into stunning and interesting pieces of ceramic vase artwork.