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The Prosecco Table, can be made for the home or the garden. Made from reclaimed wood, stained and painted to your requirements.
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a dining room table with christmas decorations and plates on top of it, along with wine glasses
Reclaimed Wood, Rustic Prosecco Dining Table
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a wooden table with plates and candles on it
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a table with food on it in front of a brick wall and blue cupboards
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Large Unique Rustic Farmhouse Dining table, with Ice Buckets and 2 Long Benches (1100mm wide)
a wooden table topped with lots of wine glasses and food on top of snow covered ground
Prosecco Table
For those with a vibrant taste, our tables are made bespoke to you, so you can go as crazy or plain with your colour scheme as you like. Here is a photo of one of our brightest tables to date.
two picnic benches on a wooden deck next to a body of water with trees in the background
3.8 Prosecco Table
A table by the lake. Accommodating 20 people, this is most definitely a statement piece!
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a gravel covered field with an umbrella behind it
4-Board Prosecco Refectory Patio Table
A table for those who have a narrow room to accommodate. This 4-board table allows you to work around your limited spaces, while still dining in style.
a long table with plates and glasses on it
Prosecco Refectory Farmhouse Table
Unique, elegant and long dining / banqueting table with two ice buckets. Handmade from scaffold boards.
a table with food on it in front of a brick wall and blue cupboards
Prosecco Refectory Table
a wooden table topped with white plates and silverware next to flowers on top of green grass
Herb Patio Table
The Prosecco Table ice bucket converts to a herb / flower trough. Beautiful scented centre piece for your outdoor table. The top is made from reclaimed scaffold boards.
a wooden table sitting under a pergolan covered patio area with wicker chairs
Prosecco Patio Table
3m Prosecco Patio table, stained and painted to the specifications of the owner.