Austin Maxi 1500 - 1970

This illustrates a trait which BL had at the time of trying to make the interior of the car the same colour as that of the outside, frequently with disastrous results owned two

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Triumph Dolomite Sprint - 8.4seconds to 60mph and on to 119mph.  Not bad for the early 1970's

Triumph Dolomite Sprint - used to have one same colour, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, twin SU carbs, overdrive in and to and on to Not bad for the early A wolf in sheep's clothing

Vauxhall Viva 1963-1979 1,516,792 built, with 1057 remaining in the UK, for a total of 0.0697% left.

Here& the top 20 you& been waiting for. We& compiled a list of the most endangered British family cars - and have done so by comparing the number of cars originally made with those left on the roads today. And it& leave you asking, & are they now?

Austin Maxi - "you can drive it everywhere in gear" says Dad!

1972 Austin 1300.These were like the #Luxury version of the mini - with softer suspension (that would fail too regularly though ;-)

1972 Austin I should find a photo of the 1100 to be accurate. On the first construction site I worked on, the were the Q. As a trainee I didn't qualify though.

Hillman Imp    My old Dad was the electrical engineer who kept the machines working that built this wee vehicle.

Hillman Imp *childhood school pick ups in the Yellow Peril with vinyl seats. Murder in the hot summer of Rear engine rear wheel drive.

Austin Maxi 1750 HL Mine was a maroon coloured one. The back seats could fold down either way so the back could be either a Van, or a Bed.

While some know nothing about cars, others are well educated and feel as though they are not ge.

Not my one, but the same as my first car - Austin Maxi in Snapdragon yellow

Not my one, but the same as my first car - Austin Maxi in Snapdragon yellow