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Ideas, tips and strategies for online and digital marketing your creative businesses, to get more customers and sell more: including social media tips, email…
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Ever wondered what it takes to run a craft event? Sarah James, founder of Craft Festival is a total pro at producing high-end craft events, after years of experience and she spills the beans on Creative Slurp Podcast about her journey...
Feel it's getting harder and harder to be SEEN on Instagram? I feel you, it IS getting harder than ever before. But there are things you can do to improve your engagement on the gram..check out this episode of Creative Slurp podcast to get the juicy tips...
Like it or not, taking great photos (or having them taken) is a must for any business these days with an online presence - so ALL businesses then! 😂 But if you're like me and you hate having your photos taken, then what do you do? On this episode of Creative Slurp Podcast, Brand Photographer, Julie Grant, spills the beans on her top tips to make your photos look great (and for it to feel less icky!)
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Give your handmade business a boost
There needs to be a deeper meaning to your products, to your brand, than just someone buying a product. Someone is not going to get emotional about buying a product. They’re getting emotional about buying into a brand, into a feeling. They want to feel a certain way, and that’s why they buy from you. So what is it that your customers get from you emotionally when they buy from you? Have a think about it. Find out more by listening to this episode of Creative Slurp podcast...
How to detox your marketing and avoid overwhelm...
If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the STUFF you have to do to tell the world about your handmade business - from Instagram, to Facebook, Pinterest and all the rest...then you're not alone. So many handmade business owners feel the same. But if doesn't have to be like that. If you're feeling overwhelmed you CAN take control back and detox your marketing. Find out how in this episode of Creative Slurp podcast...
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Need to take better photos for your creative business? Brand photographer Julie Grant has some great tips on this episode of Creative Slurp podcast - and talks about the power of photos in your handmade brand.
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Creative Slurp Episode 7 - How to connect better with your customers... [podcast notes] - VICTORIA BROWN
No icky kind of you feel like you’re selling your soul. You feel like you’re serving your customers and they love you so much. They recommend you to all their friends. We all want to feel good when we're selling and have a connection with our customers that can really make everything flow so much more easily. But how to get that connection? On this episode of Creative Slurp podcast I talk about what you can do to connect better with your customers of your handmade business...
How to avoid marketing overwhelm
If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by marketing and social media in your handmade business, you need a simple plan! This episode of Creative Slurp walks you how to create one using Victoria Brown's signature 'FANS' method...listen here
Make your marketing simple!
This episode of Creative Slurp shows you how to make marketing super simple in your business...listen here to find out..
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Running your own creative business can be fun - but it can be tough. I started Creative Slurp podcast to give you the support, tips and inspiration you need to not only create a successful business, but to make your experience a happy one! So if you have a handmade/creative indie business, give it a listen! Click here to listen or subsribe on Apple, Spotify, Google or Amazon podcasts.
Get your creative and handmade business inspiration here!
Creative Slurp podcast - a brand new podcast - especially for handmade business owners - to give them practical tips and inspiration on how to run their business without the overwhelm.
Creative Slurp podcast - for creative and handmade business inspiration
Have you listened to Creative Slurp yet? It's a brand new podcast to inspire and educate handmade and creative business owners.
New Podcast for creative and handmade business owners
Running a creative /handmade business can be tough (even if you do love it)! So I've created Creative Slurp podcast to give you practical tips on how to promote and run your business without the overwhelm and inspire you to do amazing things.