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How to detox your marketing and avoid overwhelm...
If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the STUFF you have to do to tell the world about your handmade business - from Instagram, to Facebook, Pinterest and all the rest...then you're not alone. So many handmade business owners feel the same. But if doesn't have to be like that. If you're feeling overwhelmed you CAN take control back and detox your marketing. Find out how in this episode of Creative Slurp podcast...
Creative Slurp podcast - how to make 2022 YOUR year
Don't let 2022 pass you buy without you making your dreams a reality - take action! if you need a boost and someone to hold your hand, I've recorded this podcast episode just for you - to give you a little motivation to go for your handmade business goals this new year...
a brick wall with the words get a better work - life balance in your handmade business
Get a better work-life balance in your handmade business
Looking for work-life balance in your creative business? Check out my printable wall planner - it helps you see your different monthly commitments at glance, so you can make sure all the different areas of your life are in perfect harmony. Available now from Victoria Brown.
a woman standing in front of a yellow background with the caption ep 6 what to do if you feel behind right now
January, New Year goals, and resolutions - it can all get a bit stressful and overwhelming, can't it? If you're still burnt out from the Christmas rush in your handmade business, then big goals are the last thing you need. In this episode of Creative Slurp podcast I talk about what to do if you do feel behind (not that there's any such thing!) and why you shouldn't worry about it.
How to make 2022 your year
Got big ambitions for your creative business this year? Not sure how to achieve your goals? This episode of Creative Slurp walks you through 5 practical steps to make them happen...
Here's how to achieve your new year goals
Let's help you achieve your biggest creative / handmade business goals this year! This episode of Creative Slurp will take you by the hand and show you how...