Look out for one of these vintage record cabinets - to store the records I have.

My record player needs one of these vintage record cabinets.and so do i. The cows like to hear the vinyl whilst munching outside my windows.oh yes they do!

Vintage Teak 1960s Telephone Seat... Would love to refinish one of these

Vintage Teak 1960s Telephone Seat

I'm on a big mid-century modern kick. Vintage Teak Telephone Seat home decor design furniture -omg, this is a REAL piece of furniture!

Rangement mural dans la cuisine

Check Out the Cook Republic Kitchen and Home, Designed to Share (Design*Sponge)

J'ai sélectionné trois intérieurs de bric et de broc qui sont composés chacun à leur façon d'un doux mélange de styles comme j'aime bien, tant qu'à faire.

Trois intérieurs de bric et de broc


Dark & Handsome Bedroom

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