Elizabeth Savage

Elizabeth Savage

Elizabeth Savage
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i'm with that last person -tumblr>>>fitz would kill me.  B would kick me. And grape would like it

"Do this to me and I will kill you". I think yogurt, peaches, and apple is a great breakfast.

Is this illegal? I really wish to do it and wanna know if I need to do it in the cover of darkness

Funny pictures about Dish soap disaster. Oh, and cool pics about Dish soap disaster. Also, Dish soap disaster.

Bahahaha, Rosey would so eat it though! She's my mustard baby.

I would do some sneaky stuff like that for my child. my passive aggressive self.

Advice From Satan

Funny pictures about Friendly advice from Satan. Oh, and cool pics about Friendly advice from Satan. Also, Friendly advice from Satan.

Whole new meaning to scarring the crap out of somebody! Lol!

now HERE'S and April Fools Prank worth getting on the floor next to a toilet! My favorite prank personally!