The concept of hiding and revealing type on the printed page and creating an art object is reminescent of Tom Philips’ treated novel; the humument, in which he drew and painted over 360 pages of dense type. The results of which are brilliant and can be found reproduced online on this excellent website.

The concept of hiding & revealing type on the printed page & creating an art object is reminiscent of Tom Philips’ treated novel; The Humument, in which he drew & painted over 360 pages of dense type.

Tom Phillips: A Humument page I love how dramatic the colours are. This makes the words stand out more as they are selected from the text behind. This inspires me to incorporate words into my work

Tom Phillips <3 Beautiful rain which the rain drops are small letters. Using pages from books and pens which i like. I like the idea that you can make a story or statement with one text and highlighting words or phrases. Creative and unique and makes you look and read between the lines

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Tom Phillips,I came across this artist on visiting Tate Britain and visiting their print room. His work stood out to me as I loved how meaningful his work look by simply covering some of the writing. I felt his work was very expressive and reflected that upon my own work.

A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel - Tom Philips - In a 'Ship of Theseus' fashion, each new edition replaces at least 50 pages. Philips' long term goal is to publish a version of Humament that has every page different from his original 1970 edition.

Tom Phillips' A Humument

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Tom Phillips ongoing piece The Humument, a treated Victorian novel. (via We Made This: London Artists Book Fair)

Tom Phillips, A Humument: Page 50: Play the shadow of fifty years, 1987.

[Altered Books] self portrait of Tom Phillips; A Humument- an altered book

Tom Phillips- Great example of highlighting words also its eyecatching because of the colours used and they all are linked by a simple line, creative and inspiring

Tom Philips- british artist who used acrylics, known for use of stippling, hatching and dry brushing to achieve various effects

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