Livery designed by Think!
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two side by side images of the same van
Mercedes Benz Sprinter van livery design
Mercedes Sprinter livery design for Taunton Leisure, a specialist retailer of camping, climbing and leisure goods, based in Somerset, UK. We used their branding to create a distinctive and dynamic design for the van, used to ship goods between their retail outlets and deliver online orders.
a red and black van is shown on a dark background with the words tech mate painted on it
Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato Van Livery
Livery for the Apec Techmate service van, on a Fiat Ducato (Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay).
a silver car with a blue circle on the side and an o logo on the back
Lexus NX 300 H Livery
Livery for a Lexus NX 300 H car, for Quantum Cryogenics, a UK specialist in cryogenics and cryotherapy.
three white vans with orange and black stripes on the front, back and side views
Melhuish & Saunders VW Caddy Van Livery
Small panel van livery design for Somerset building and development company Melhuish & Saunders.
the side and back view of a white suv with blue circles on it's decals
Lexus NX300h livery
Vehicle illustration and livery design of a Lexus NX300h for Quantum Cryogenics
a red and black van with an apple logo on it's side is shown
Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato livery
Livery design on a Peugeot Boxer van for the Apec Braking Customer Service Team.
the side and back view of a van wrapper for an auto detailing company in red, black and white
Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato livery
Livery design for the new Apec Peugeot Boxer van promoting their TechMate service, which visits garages and trade shows to train technicians how to properly fit and service brakes. Bottom image shows our original visual for the van.
three different cars with stickers on them, one is black and the other has multi - colored stripes
Driving school Ford Fiesta livery
Printed and cut vinyl livery we designed applied to a Ford Fiesta learner car, for a partnership between Richard Huish College in Taunton and the Green4Go Driving School.
two identical pictures of a truck with brake parts on the side and another image of a tractor trailer behind it
Apec Braking curtain sided trailer livery.
a silver and blue car parked in front of a brick building next to a driveway
Skoda Superb livery
Quantum Cryogenics livery on their Skoda Superb car.
two pictures of a red car with an interesting design on it
Mitsubishi Evo rally car livery
Livery design for the Apec sponsored Livingston Autoparts Mitsubishi Evo track car.
a white van with blue letters on it's side parked in the dark,
Ford Transit livery
Livery for Quantum Cryogenics delivery van.
two red and black vans side by side on a gray background with the back door open
Peugeot Bipper livery
Apec delivery van livery.
a red race car on a black background
F1 car simulator livery
Apec 2012 Formula 1 simulator livery. #F1
a red and yellow race car driving on a white background
F1 car simulator livery
Apec 2009 Formula 1 simulator livery. #F1