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an open book with lines on the cover
sketchbook aquarela
unique coptic stitch binding with circular cover detailing - Luisa Gomes Cardoso - Canteiro de Alfaces
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a pink flowered cover
Concertina pronta!
Coptic stitch. Use coloured paper to make a coloured spine, without making the signatures of coloured paper by Zoopress studio, via Flickr
some books are sitting on a table with gold trimmings and white lace covers
DIY Snowflake Books
LOVE this idea! DIY covered books using white paint, Mod Podge, and doilies! Great handmade gift idea for the holidays!
a pink book with red writing on it sitting on top of a gray tablecloth
Blog — Natalie Stopka
homemade linen book cloth with embroidered french knots // by Natalie Stopka
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a flowered cloth cover
Bookbinding, coptic stitch headband by craftsworker
an old leather journal tied to a wooden table
Reserved Listing // for M. | Etsy
leather journal. want.
a brown leather case sitting on top of a white table
Leather Journal
DIY Leather Journal.... I want this sooo bad! And I saw an incredible use for it- a love map.... pin to come!
a brown leather journal tied to a white book
Leather Journal : : Tutorial
Leather Journal Tutorial - best i've found so far - clear direction and good pics!
an up close view of some fabric flowers on a curtain with blue and green thread
Papercloth Squid Book
Handmade Books Artists | Handmade Books « | Nikki Smith Book & Visual ...
an open notebook with green thread on the cover
Blog Interview: NatalieAsIs
Bookbinding What the... this is so cool how do I do this without ruining my book with glue or something?
a person is using a cloth to cut out an intricate design
The Essential List of Scrapbook Supplies Every Beginner Should Have - Boost Framer website template -- Article - Tooled Paper Leather Tutorial by Michael Strong on how to create faux leather. Seems easy enough
someone using a paint brush to create a flower design on a piece of blue paper
Embossing on Leather - Raised Design - Part II
Embossing on Leather - Raised Design - Part II ***(or with b.b. cloth,vinyl & other materials)
a piece of wood sitting on top of a person's lap next to a string
weaving on the spine of a longstitch sketchbook - Jennifer Bantz #books #bindings
several stacks of papers are stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
tutorial_multipocket for midori or flexdori
Lucy wonderland: TUTORIAL multipocket for midori travelers notebook