PIK NIK / Oddds

PIK NIK, a rebranding project for a cafe with a modern spin on the proposed logo. Callouts and descriptive words are seen throughout the menu to bring out random quirks about the food with its unique selections. Each section carries the different plates…

Organ donation logo

Committee of Organ Donation in Lebanon

silent voice | ALONGLONGTIME

I like the geographical style of this. Definitely plausible, but does it have enough wow factor?

Pagepro - interactive web agency  by Mateusz Turbiński

Pagepro - interactive web agency


V, Victoria and Albert Museum / Logo. By Alan Fletcher, 1989 ( identity renewed in 2002 by Wolff Olins, moving it from a museum to an art and design brand).

Element - wave logo

These striking colourful logos by by Denmark-based graphic designer Maria Grønlund, show how colours can be used to make an impression of happiness, motion,

Tate (2000) _ Wolff Olins

Tate : Wolff Olins - Some of the freshest work they've done in a while.

Factory Project Logo Design  by Adrian Bornea

Factory Project Logo Design [2nd Version]

The Photographers’ Gallery (identity) _ Sean Perkins, North

Framing device in logo – The Photographers’ Gallery (identity) _ Sean Perkins, North