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Strong is the new skinny.

Strong is the new skinny! (Its also the new sexy) I love this. Such a powerful message for women! Weightloss doesn't mean being skinny or thin. It means reaching a level of health that is RIGHT FOR YOU, feelng energetic and a better quality of life!

Yoga skinny

I think this will be my nightly stretch! Supta Vajrasana - Fixed Firm Pose - Slims and tones thighs, firms calf muscles and strengthens the abdomen. Lubricates and increases circulation to joints. Strengthens and lengthens abdominal muscles.


Red Clover Lemonade Ingredients: 3 cups Red Clover blooms 4 cups water 1 cups lemon juice 4 Tbsp honey Boil the blooms in the water for minutes. Strain Add lemon juice and honey to the remaining liquid. Stir, then chill for two hours. Serve over ice.

poppy & finch Mughal painting

Finch, Poppies, Dragonfly, and Bee. Indian, [the bird is either a slightly inaccurate Desert Finch or a made-up species] (via Brooklyn Museum)