Thomas Howell
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Favourite YouTuber/prankster

Roman Atwood - Celebriki - The Internet Celebrities Wiki

Love horrors due to getting the thrill from the films

Scene from movie based on another case investigated by Ed & Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring. Best horror movie from the last years-

Favourite sport and enjoy watching football

FIFA World Cup Trophy is awarded every four years to the country that wins the FIFA World Cup, currently held by Spain. So stoked its close to all you soccer hooligans out there!

Enjoy swimming in my free time as well as playing video games

I love swimming. If I could I would stay in a pool twenty-four hours, seven days a week. My mom calls me her water baby. The pool is where I feel the most free. I can do anything in a pool.

Love the assassins creed series

so many levels of AWESOME Assassins Creed. dark achangel Ezio Auditore da Firenze fan art can't get over how epic this is