Flat pack furniture.

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a wooden chair that is shaped like an arrow with one section cut out and the other half closed
Minimalist Plywood Slot-Work Furniture
plywood slotwork furniture
a white table with wooden legs and a square shaped design on the top, against a white background
Dezeen Magazine
This coffee table by Chilean studio Elemento Diseño is made of a single sheet of plywood, with the legs cut out from its corners
three different views of a wooden table with people sitting on it and one person standing in front
Twin Bench by Andrea Rekalidis
Twin Bench by Andrea Rekalidis
a lamp that is sitting on top of a white surface with wires coming out of it
Account Suspended
Andreas Kkolos - Delta
a model of a wooden bench with a metal object on it's back end
Plywood Floor Lamp
Plywood floor lamp
a light bulb sitting next to a cardboard box
Wooden Bulb : Oversize light bulb made in ply-wood.
Wooden Bulb : Oversize light bulb made in wood
two wooden lamps hanging from the ceiling in a living room with colorful furniture and pillows
The Big Design Market
a white lamp sitting on top of a wooden table
A Lamp Designed to Use as Little Material as Possible
A simple wooden lamp that looks like an outline of a lamp, as if it has been traced on wood, cut out, and put together to create the three-dimensional lamp.
a wooden table topped with a vase filled with flowers and a mirror hanging from the ceiling
Green Design
Sustainable Flat-Pack Timber Chandeliers by Loz Abberton : TreeHugger
a wooden chair next to a cut out piece of the back of a wood chair
PANO Chair
an assortment of colorful tables and chairs on a white background, with one table in the middle
Inhabitat | Design For a Better World!
two black and gold side tables sitting next to each other on a wooden floor in front of a white wall
flat pack desk and chair
an origami sculpture made out of brown paper and cardboard with a pink flower on top
Cardboard Furniture | Design, Furniture Design | ARTBoom
creative and unique :3 I really like this design and would love to figure it out :D
a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of a wall
Rocket Lamp
Rocket Lamp