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"Vader's Helmet" Darth Vader Star Wars by Gris Grimly

Darth Vader didn't become a source of terror throughout the galaxy just because of his loud breathing and the Star Wars Darth Vader's Helmet Canvas Giclee Print

ARC-trooper Vega by Master-Cyrus on DeviantArt

Outstanding ARC-troopers of the Triple Arrow program: the only female clone, single zombie huntress Shade and best recon Shaft - are from regular Stalker Forces of Ferocys;

Darth Vader | Stephen Segovia | Jeremy Colwell

Out off all the Villains of Star Wars, he will always be number one. It's not about the agility or the armor it's about the pure hate that he has and the power he gets form it.

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before I die, i will get myself a full size replica of Republic Commando armour, AND ARC Trooper armour.