Unique Oil Paintings by Davide Cambria

Unique Oil Paintings by Davide Cambria

Davide Cambria, I like the paint marks on the side of the face, remind me of computer glitches, nice mixture of traditional material (oil paints) with something modern (computers, glitching)

There Is Nothing To Lose, Davide Cambria

There Is Nothing To Lose

This is a modern art sculpture. I like how it incorporates two different settings within another. The ice is piercing through the hardwood floor of the house.

Points of Contention

A Giant Synthetic Crystal Explodes Through Gallery Floors at the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore wood installation. Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano

Beautiful wall art created by Henrique-Oliveira.

Impressive organic wooden sculptures by award-winning artist Henrique Oliveira, from São Paulo, Brazil.