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cut-out portraits by Lucas C. Simões

Taking cut outs of an image and filling the holes with secondary images that are the same but in a different colour. Creates an idea of layers - Lucas Chimello Simões

Ks3 Levels

Art and Design National Curriculum Levels Poster by chriselkin - UK Teaching Resources - TES

Per color by Marco Ugolini

Marco Ugolini: The pictures have been taken in collaboration with Photographer Pedro Motta, in a supermarket in the same neighbourhood of the art center.


Meet Harlem’s ‘Official’ Street Photographer - LightBox

de Choi Xooang

Illusion: For his bizarre yet realistic sculptures, Choi Xoo Ang uses materials such as oil paint, acrylic, resin, and stainless steel.

tagliavini-photo_-RitrattoD.jpg (565×707)

Christian Tagliavini photographs historic like photos with different methods sometimes even cardboard cutouts. This one is from the 1503 series titled "Ritratto di giovane donna".

tagliavini-photo_-Bartolome.jpg (565×707)

In his 2010 photo series photographer Christian Tagliavini recreates century Renaissance portraits in eerie stylized images. Tagliavini spent six months painstakingly handcrafting all th…

tagliavini-photo_Lucrezia.jpg (565×707)

These Nine Renaissance Portraits are part of photo project called created by by Swiss/Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini. All characters are portrayed in striking handcrafted clothes made by Tagliavini himself.

Treefellers: vivendo fora da sociedade

Treefellers: vivendo fora da sociedade