Loved these games!

Old School water kids toy handheld gaming hard retro funny .


The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ?

Keepers 80s toys I had the purple snail, Shelby?

Keepers toys I had the purple snail . I had this one, the snail and the bunny!

80s toys LOLO BALL!!!  mine was blue and black :)

Space hopper Lolo ball for adults or children, for sale at All Sorts Shop. If you’re looking for the retro space hopper toy with a twist, our lolo ball is for you.

Fisher Price Record Player

Fisher Price Record Player, Mine just broke and Noah was not happy he couldn't play music!

Spokey Dokeys - loved mine :))

I used to see kids have Spokey Dokeys on their bike wheels . I never had any on my bike.


Smash hits with sexy Morten on the front - still drooling over him 30 years later!

Keypers!  Well oh my god, I forgot i had this!!!!!!

Keypers Sheldon - I had forgotten all about these! One of my all time favorite toys! Simply because there was a secret key that opened up the doll to hide stuff in :)

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