Blackbird & Bramble

Introducing Thornback & Peel's luscious new print for autumn 2016: a beady-eyed blackbird foraging for berries in the late summer sun.
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Gluten free Autumn Pear & Almond upside down cake
1hr · 6 servings For the Cake Batter: 200g Butter 200g Caster Sugar 4 Large free-range eggs 220g Ground almonds For the Caramelised Ginger Pears: 40g Fresh ginger 1 Vanilla Pod 550g Caster Sugar 4 Pears (peeled, cored and cut into quarters) 20g Butter
a basket full of blackberries hanging from a tree
BlackBerrying at the Brocas
an apple and some other food on a table
Blackbird & Bramble by Thornback & Peel
#Blackbird&Bramble #thornbackandpeel #blackbird #homeware #screenprint #blackberry
a woman holding a box filled with berries and raspberries in it's hands
Clutter & Chaos
a cutting board with beets, potatoes and a knife on it next to a bird
Beetroot Bourguignon with Puy Lentils - Thornback and Peel
Add a super-boost to your immune system with this nutritious Beet Bourgignon recipe - on the blog today!
a hand holding a pencil and drawing a bird on a sheet of paper with raspberries in the background
Blackbird & Bramble - Thornback and Peel
Read all about the inspiration behind Thornback & Peel's latest print, Blackbird & Bramble, over on the blog today
a phone case with purple birds and berries on it
Purple Blackbird & Bramble iPhone 5/5s Case by Thornback & Peel
three white napkins in a box with a bird on it's back and the words, thornback & peel printed on them
Blackbird Hanky Box
Purple Backbird Hanky box by Thornback & Peel