Dog & Daisy

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Homemade vegan and gluten free dog biscuits
a white canister with black and brown dogs on it
Dog & Daisy
a white box with a dachshund design on the lid and flowers around it
Dog & Daisy
a blue vase filled with white and yellow daisies
These Stunning Floral Arrangements Are Perfect for Ushering in Spring
Roadside flowers can look perfectly polished indoors. Harvest several dozen daisies and create an overflowing bouquet for the kitchen.
a close up of a dog laying down on a couch with it's hair blowing in the wind
Bedlington whippet lurcher
some white flowers are hanging from the ceiling in front of a gray wall with black and white background
Naturals & Florals
I love this idea!! Just get string hot glue gun and any type of small flowers!! Or corse you cans so bigger ones!
a white napkin with a brown dog on it next to a wooden stick and flower
Dog Hanky Box
#thornbackandpeel #puppylove #doganddaisy
a brown dog laying under a blanket on top of a bed
5 Fun Indoor Activities For Dogs Who Can't Stand the Cold and Snow
There are plenty of indoor activities for you and your pooch to enjoy in the chilly winter months
a table topped with plates and napkins next to a teapot filled with cake
Dog & Daisy Placemat Set of Four
#doganddaisy #daisy #dog #daschund #tableware #cake #teatime #kitchenware
two placemats with dachshunds on them next to a fork and knife
Dog & Daisy Placemat Set of Four
by #thornbackandpeel #daschund #daisy #placemat #tableware
a cookie sheet with dog bones on it
Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats
Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats More