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an antique chaise lounge with white cushions
a green vase sitting on top of a table next to a yellow light in the dark
an old stone building with ivy growing on the balconies and balcony railings
trees and grass in the woods with bluebells on the ground next to them
the woods are full of green plants and trees
an old well in the middle of a forest
a stream running through a forest filled with lots of green mossy plants and trees
swampy area with trees and grass in the foreground
two thatched huts with picnic tables in the foreground and trees in the background
Castell Henllys Iron Age Village... © dave challender cc-by-sa/2.0
Castell Henllys Iron Age Village Reconstruction
a country road with houses on the side and trees in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
Llanychaer from the west © Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff
Llanychaer from the west
an old stone bridge over a small river
Llanychaer Bridge © Alan Thomas cc-by-sa/2.0
Llanychaer Bridge
an old building with lots of windows in front of trees