The Unravelling

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an orange sitting on the ground in front of a wet sidewalk with water puddles
there is a piece of cake with ice cream on it and a spoon in the bowl
pink custard. Yuk.
a person pouring sauce on top of a piece of meat
gravy. No skin.
a black and white photo of a road in the woods
Children Skipping Wrestling, Children, Stock Photos, Stock, Photo, Photos, Couple Photos, Couples, Dodge
Children Skipping - Stock Photos : Masterfile
Children Skipping
a train traveling down tracks next to a lush green hillside covered in grass and trees
the bushes are full of berries and other things in the area that is overgrown with weeds
raspberries gone wild in an allotment
a small rodent in a box next to a can of canned food with the caption how general smith made it