Temari Balls

A selection of temari balls made by myself or ladies who have attended our workshops. The art of temari originated in Japan with fantastic geometric designs!
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three decorative balls are on a silver plate
Temari Spindles - level 2
The ball is divided into six sections for this design and there is some weaving involved!
four ornaments are sitting on a white plate
Temari Christmas Chrysanthemum - level 3
A lovely traditional design to develop your skills.
two hands are holding an ornament made out of yarn and thread, which is being stitched together
Temari Triangles - level 2
If you've done a beginner's Temari ball, then this one will help you develop your skills
a person holding an ornament made out of yarn in their hands, with another hand holding the ball
Temari Pentagons - level 3
This particular ball was made by Karen, one of our students, after attending the Temari Pentagons workshop
three black and white balls sitting on top of a table
Black & white by Jo
a ball of yarn sitting on top of a white tablecloth next to a bed
Peacock by Pat
Pat made this ball after attending a Temari Chrysanthemum workshop
a multicolored ball sitting on top of a wooden table next to green grass
Temari Stars - level 3
Worked on an 80mm ball using 6 colours, this design is for those who have made a few temari balls before!
two decorative balls sitting next to each other
Chrysanthemum & Squares by Jo
three decorative balls are sitting on a table next to a wallpapered background with flowers
Temari balls for Beginners
I run full day workshops every 6 months or so on how to make a Temari ball. These are done with a poly ball base which is wrapped, measured out and then embroidered using cotton perle thread.
four decorative balls with different patterns on them sitting next to each other, all lined up against a white background
Temari Squares design - level 2
Part-completed Squares design
an assortment of decorative balls in a basket
Michiko's temari balls
a hand holding a decorated ball in front of a coffee pot on a counter top
Christine P's lovely Chrysanthemum temari
six balls with different designs on them sitting on a tablecloth covered table cloth,
Selection of part-worked Chrysanthemum designs
a woman's hands holding a ball of string and yarn with red nail polish on it
Working the Chyrsanthemum design
two decorative balls sitting on top of a table
Temari Squares Design (level 2)
If you've attended a beginner's workshop, then this is a design that will develop your skills.