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Bullet Journal idea!

Showing you how to use the 'Dutch door' system in your bullet journal as well as lots of examples of weekly spreads that use it either horizontally or vertically.

If you are in high school (or middle school. Or elementary school. Or college. Or preschool. Basically, “school” in any form) you are probably of the belief that the only way to get great, Rory Gilmore-type grades is through hard, arduous, (metaphorically) back-breaking, Pinterest-and-Tumblr-type picture-perfect studying.

Second post in my ‘How to Study’ series! This goes through really general points on how to differentiate studying between maths and humanities because it won’t always work to use the same.

tarea sistema digestivo

Use up an entire page (or most) with a diagram or drawings and from there, fill up an abundance of info around it.

The word “eye” is nicer than anything I’ve ever drawn in my entire life. | 25 Studying Photos That Will Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together

25 Studying Photos That Will Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together

When I get tasks to do for the following week I immediately write them down at the correct day. But don’t be disappointed, I still use my daily spreads! I now use my dailies for the smaller tasks every day and some tasks for school, and as always I love my dailies for a little journaling about the day!s

Another page full of dailies. I added a little note for my internship! Have a nice weekend you all!