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Black is very awesome while mixed w/ other colors and just love the classic red! Nice touch mixed w/ black!

These are beautiful yet edgy lips that are wearable for everyd… – Wedding

Eva Senin Pernas, 26, from La Coruña, Spain, painstakingly paints her own lips to create her stunning looks.

Make-up artist creates intricately painted pouts inspired by films

Marilyn Monroe lip art - Make-up artist creates spectacular lip art inspired by Halloween, films and food

Lip service: Eva Senin Pernas intricately paints her own lips with film-inspired designs such as, The Hunger Games, showing the Mockingjay symbol

Stunning Film Inspired Lip Art - When 26 year old Eva Senin Pernas from Spain combined her love of photography with her makeup artist credentials, she created some stunning looking lip art.